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Product Spotlight: Thinkware F770 Dash Camera System




Over the past few months, we have seen amazing interest in the Thinkware brand of dash camera systems & Thinkware just released a brand-new model called the F770, and we are very excited to be the first in Australia to get our hands on it. Let’s look at the features of this new unit.

New Design

The F770 features a new chassis design that sits flush against the windshield, reducing the perceived size of the unit. The proximity of the lens to the windshield can also reduce potential glare. The forward-facing lens is adjustable for height to ensureThinkware F770 a perfect field of vision looking out from the front of the vehicle. The new buttons are larger than those on the F750 and easier to use. A matte black finish ensures that the sun won’t reflect in your eyes and cause a distraction. The system features a quick-release so it can be removed from the windshield easily. Finally, a small cover conceals the wiring connections for a neat and tidy look.

Image Quality

Both the front and optional rear camera feature a Sony Exmor CMOS 2.19MP image sensor. Full High Definition 1920×1080 P resolution and video at 30 frames per second offer amazing quality. The new Super Night Vision feature ensures that low-light situations can be seen with amazing detail and clarity. Updated image compression settings provide even more detail and clarity in the recordings.

Amazing Features

Thinkware F770New to the Thinkware F770 is time-lapse recording in Parking mode. Time-lapse increases recording time when the vehicle is parked since it stores only one frame per second. On-board GPS records location and displays vehicle speed on videos. Dual Save Mode saves the video on both an internal memory card and the microSD card to ensure that important information is always recorded and never lost. With Wi-Fi on board and the Thinkware Dash Cam viewer on your Android or iOS smartphone, you can view videos without needing a computer.

Safety Functionality

Thinkware F770Included with the F770 are several image processing-based safety systems. The Forward Collision Warning System alerts you when you are approaching a vehicle too quickly. The Lane Departure Warning System monitors lane markers during the day and will advise you when you may be veering out of your lane. The Front Vehicle Departure Warning lets you know when the vehicle in front of you has driven away.

Super Night Vision

The latest version sees the introduction of the Super Night Vision for both the front and rear camera. This technology allows the camera to achieve brightness levels up to 1000% during night which would normally be difficult with the low amount of light available. This is due to the video processing technology allowing high sensitivity performance for the image sensor even in these low light situations.

Thinkware F770

If you are interested in one of the best dash camera systems available, then drop by Carbon Car Systems in Blacktown, NSW today. We would be happy to show you all the amazing features of the Thinkware F770 and give you a price to install it in your vehicle. For more information, contact us here.