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Are BlackVue Dash Cameras Essential in Australia?


Are BlackVue Dash Cameras Essential in Australia?

Have you ever found those online video clips of crazy drivers or whacky traffic cases? Ever wonder how they recorded or taped these seemingly freak moments?

The answer….BlackVue dash video cameras!

BlackVue have introduced DR500GW & DR550GW the most advanced dash camera system from Blackvue to date. Offering high quality front and rear recording and the only system on the market to incorporate Wi-Fi, GPS and MAC compatibility – built in.


The reason why more driver are setting up BlackVue Dash Cameras in Australia?

camera 2Over the years, the Australian population has developed an important concern for the safe driving practices and also for the safety of their cars. People are now realising that dash cameras is a piece of equipment that is designed to protect not only themselves but their vehicles.

The BlackVue dash camera not only record while you are driving but will also record whilst your vehicle is parked. The BlackVue has a built in motion detection system so that when movement is detected in front or behind your vehicle the camera will wake up out of its stand by mode and record.




What are the benefits?

There are several reason why car owners may want to have this equipment installed in their cars as dash cameras.

  • Proof of “at fault” drivers in an accident.
  • Capture “hit n’ run” vehicle damage.
  • Evidence in court to contest false infringements.
  • Prevent false accusations during an accident.
  • Capture funny video moments.

Will it be recommended that you have this kind of a device on board of a car? Certainly! The camera is your trusty honest witness that could “speak” on your behalf should something happen.




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  1. Michael Regan June 30, 2014

    My hilux is a Dec 2013 build. Can I still get the 2014 camera kit. Thanks.

  2. Author
    Daniel Gardener June 30, 2014

    Hi Michael,

    I presume you are talking about the reverse camera kits we sell? Not the dash camera posted here?

    If so, Yes, the 2014 kit is the same for Dec 2013 make, just confirm the screen/stereo is the same as the one shown in the image and it will be the correct kit. If you are unsure please email me a picture of your stereo and I will confirm for you.

    Kind Regards,
    Daniel Gardener
    Carbon Car Systems

  3. Auto BlackBox June 30, 2014

    A very informative, well written article on dash cameras.

  4. Ian July 3, 2014

    Love my BlackVue and awesome job with the install as usual Dan!

  5. Dave January 5, 2015

    Hi Dan, you guys did a great job installing the DR650 Blackvue along with the Pioneer all in one 7″ screen.
    I can see the traffic behind me on the screen whilst driving if I want to.

    I’m considering a 360 degree camera dome on the top of my van roof like Google Earth ha…..

    Thanks for the excellent work and will send piccies to Dave to see if he can install a mini sub under the seat too.

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