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Comparison: Thinkware F750 Verses BlackVue DR650

Thinkware F750
Customers come to Carbon Car Systems because they know we have picked the products we sell based on their performance. Recently, Advanced In-Car Technology set up a pair of dashcams in the same vehicle and took them for a drive. The resulting comparison video shows the front and rear camera images, side-by-side without any editing or retouching of the Thinkware F750 and the BlackVue DR650.

The Dashcam Job

The purpose of owning a dashcam is to capture information. The clearer and sharper the video recording is, the more information you have in the case of an incident. To capture videos with detail and clarity, the video processing system has to be able to maintain focus, adjust color and brightness, and record without significant file compression artifacts.


Thinkware F750If you watch the video, several items are worth noting. The first and foremost is image exposure. Around the 1:47-second mark, look at the sky and you can see that the Blackvue image has washed out all the detail in the sky. The clouds are not distinct; just a white, blown-out mess.

Even more critical to the task of proper information capture is the exposure behavior at night. If you look at the video around the 5:58 mark, you can barely see the outline of the headlights in front of the vehicle on the Blackvue recording, and the green shrubs and street signs are hard to see. The Thinkware F750 camera has done a great job of capturing the highlights and dark portions of the image. This could be very critical information if someone were to walk out in front of you.

Video Processing

Capturing video is no easy task. Ever-changing lighting conditions, moving focus points and the need to balance video file size versus detail pose distinct and difficult challenges. If you look at the Thinkware and Blackvue camera images at the 0:38-second mark, you can see the difference in image sharpness by looking at the sign on the building in front of the vehicle. That’s important and relevant information.

If you are in the market for a dashcam to protect yourself from fraud or to provide evidence in the event of an accident, then drop into Carbon Car Systems in Blacktown, NSW. We would be happy to show you the different models and features of the Thinkware cameras we have in stock.

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