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5 Reasons We Use Opti-Coat Paint Protection


When it comes to seeing that your vehicle looks its very best each and every day, nothing beats the Opti-Coat line of products. Let’s look at the top five reasons why we use Opti-Coat to make and keep your vehicle looking stunning.

Certified CSIRO Testing

Opti-CoatOpti-Coat was submitted to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) for testing in 2012. The Australian federal government operates this agency. Opti-Coat was tested for chemical resistance and scratch resistance. Not only was this paint protection the first material of its kind to be submitted for testing, but it passed all tests with impressive results.

Extra Protection

Application of Opti-Coat Pro+ will provide a high-gloss finish and hydrophobic protection for the life of your vehicle. The coating is more than 100 times thicker than standard automotive wax treatments. When combined with the pre-polymer formulation of the coating, you can be confident your vehicle will always look great.

High-Gloss Finish

The newest formulation of our paint protection is called Pro+. This revolutionary ceramic coating is optically transparent and provides a 2 micron layer of protection that gives your paint finish a deep, glossy look. The incredible hardness of Pro+ ensures that the gloss lasts and lasts.

Complete Vehicle Protection

Opti-CoatNot only will Opti-Coat products keep your paint looking factory-fresh, but the company also offers products to maintain the look of the rest of your vehicle. Opti-Guard Fabric and Opti-Guard Leather will protect your interior materials from harsh UV rays that cause fading and cracking. Opti-Glass Pro helps to ensure your windshield is clear and clean by using a special hydrophobic design specifically for glass. Finally, Opti-Coat Trim will keep exterior plastic parts looking great.

Opti-Coat Offers Lifetime Warranty

Opti-Coat offers a lifetime warranty against paint oxidation or damage from UV exposure, bird droppings or bug splatter. When you maintain your freshly applied Opti-Coat finish, you know that your vehicle will look as good as, or better than, it did when it left the showroom floor.

If you are near Blacktown, NSW, drop into Carbon Car Systems. We’d be happy to evaluate your vehicle and provide details on paint & interior protection products that will keep it looking like new.