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SoundSkins Rings, Enhance Speaker Performance

Enhance Speaker Performance
Carbon Car Systems has been thrilled with the response to our SoundSkins sound-deadening products. Customers love the improvement SoundSkins makes to the comfort of their vehicles and the way their audio systems sound. What can we do to make this improvement even better, you ask? We have come up with another amazing product to enhance speaker performance– SoundSkins Rings! If you liked our sound-deadening, you’ll love this! Let’s check it out.

What are SoundSkins Rings?

Enhance Speaker PerformanceWhen it comes to making a good set of speakers sound great, it’s all in the application. Sound-deadening on the door helps, but there is still room for improvement. Speakers mounted in the door often suffer because their output can get lost between the door and the trim panel – unless you have our new SoundSkins Rings.

Enhance Speaker Performance

These closed-cell foam ring kits include enough parts to improve the performance of a full set of speakers. Each kit includes a pair of speaker mounting gasket rings, spacer mounting gaskets, rear-wave absorption panels and – most importantly – the door panel coupling rings. The coupling ring surrounds the speaker and touches the factory door trim panel. This forces all the sound from your speakers out into your vehicle, rather than allowing it to bounce around and echo inside your door. The speaker and spacer mounting gaskets ensure a perfect seal during installation, preventing air leaks, which means you will hear tighter bass and your speakers will play louder. Brilliant, if we do say so ourselves!

How are they made?

We cut SoundSkins rings from premium closed-cell foam sheets. They are precision-cut to our exact dimensions to ensure a perfect fit each and every time. The thick rear-wave absorption pads feature an ‘egg-crate’ convoluted shape that helps break up the energy coming off the back of your speakers. This shape reduces back-wave reflections that can cause distortion and coloration of your music. All rings feature an extremely strong 3M adhesive to ensure they stay in place under any temperature conditions.

If you are looking for a way to make a great set of speakers sound even better, then drop by Carbon Car Systems in Blacktown, NSW. We’d be happy to demonstrate the benefits of the new SoundSkins Speaker Rings and set up your car with a set. SoundSkins products can make any speaker, at any price, sound better. Contact us here for more information.