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7 Hidden Costs Of Dealer Accessories

Dealer Accessories
We refer to dealerships as stealerships, car dealers are ripping people off so we decided to show you why dealer accessories are not the way to go.

People ask us all the time if our products are as good as the dealer’s. In fact, our products are superior in quality and a better overall value. Its better to use a professional like Carbon Car Systems that specialises in paint protection, interior protection, window tinting and other car care accessories. They are not an accessory dealer they are a car dealer.

Here are 7 hidden costs of dealer fitted accessories:

1. The Quality of Products

Car dealers request the cheapest products possible to make a maximum mark-up on the product. For example, when dealers ask us to do window tinting, they request the cheapest film with the lowest warranty to save as much as possible. You aren’t even offered a step-up product that may be a better solution for you.

2. Financing Costs

While it might seem simple to add paint protection costs onto financing, it can cost over 50% more over the period of the loan. Is it really a good value at that point?

3. Warranty

The dealer actually has no obligation to warranty the “dealer fit accessory.” They pass this obligation off to the third-party contractor, and you have no idea who that may be. Even worse, these contractors come and go, so getting a warranty claim handled can be a nightmare.

4. Peace of Mind

With dealer accessories, you never actually get to see the products being applied or prepared. At Carbon Car Systems, you know the quality of the products and the installation are first-rate.

5. Lifetime Guarantee

Dealer AccessoriesMost products offered at the dealer have limited time warranties, while aftermarket products like Opti-Coat Pro + paint protection and 3M film have lifetime warranties backed by reputable brands.

6. Choice

With dealer accessories, you never get the choice of what products are applied to your vehicle. When you come to us, our staff spends all the time needed to make sure you get the best solution.

7. Cost

Dealer prices are often over-inflated because the dealer makes a huge mark-up for offering the service. Why not go direct to the supplier and save? We often provide a better-performing product at a lower price, saving you money and getting you something more enjoyable.

Bypass The Dealer Accessories And Come To Carbon Car Systems

As you can see, there are many things to consider before telling the dealer to “add it into my deal.” We suggest stopping by Carbon Car Systems before you finalize your deal. You will probably find we are your best overall value. You can also contact us HERE for more information about any of our products and services.