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Better Dash Cameras By Thinkware

Better Dash Cameras

Thinkware dash cameras are a perfect example of a product that excels at a seemingly simple task. The reason that they are better dash cameras is that they are truly more than the sum of their parts. The components used to construct a product, the engineering that goes into configuring those components and the countless hours of testing software all combine to produce something that sets itself apart from its competitors.

What You See

As you move up through the different dash camera models from Thinkware, the image sensor and lens increase in quality and performance. The entry model features an image sensor with a 1280×720 pixel resolution. This lens provides good detail, and the system can record for a long time on a relatively small memory card. As you step up to the F750, the sensor changes to a high-definition unit with 1920×1080 resolution. This sensor captures more detail in the recorded images, so items like license plates can be read much more easily. The F750 lenses have a wide field of vision – they cover 140 degrees horizontally, compared to the 120 degrees of the entry model.


Better Dash CamerasThe F750 stores your speed and location along with high-resolution video, thanks to its integrated GPS receiver. (You do have the option of adding GPS to the H50.) Built-in Wi-Fi on the F750 allows you to download video files instantly to your smartphone without the need for a computer. The F750 also includes lane departure warnings that the intelligent on-board image processor decodes from monitoring the lane markers on the road. Finally, red-light camera locations are announced verbally thanks to the on-board database and GPS locating.


With up to 64GB of data storage available, the F750 has been our most popular dash camera here at Carbon Car Systems. You have the option of a secondary camera to record information behind or in the interior of the vehicle.

Spoil Yourself With Better Dash Cameras

As with anything we sell, we’d be happy to install the F750 for you and explain how to use it. The H50 camera does a great job, but once clients learn about the additional features of the F750, they usually decide to spoil themselves.

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