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What Are Two-Way Paging Remotes?

Paging Remotes

We at Carbon Car Systems are Australia’s leader in remote car starters and vehicle security systems. We have partnered with Compustar remote start & security systems, the world leader in this technology, who are 3 times vendor of the year in the USA for this category.

One of the most popular remote features offered in Compustar remotes is called two-way paging.

Here we explain exactly what are two way paging remotes and why do you need one?

Starting From The Beginning

Traditionally all systems used are a one-way communication design, meaning that when you hit the remote it controls the vehicle but does not respond to you to confirm the command has been sent. A great example of this is your vehicle’s factory-installed keyless entry remote, this uses one-way communication, with the remote sending a signal in one direction to your vehicle.

Two-way communication takes it one step further by letting the vehicle communicate back to the remote control.

Advantages Of Remote Starters

Imagine you are sitting at work, about to leave, and you want to remote start your vehicle to warm it up or cool it down. Chances are you are close enough to see it start. If you have a two-way paging remote, such as the Compustar T11 for example,  the remote receives confirmation back from the vehicle once it has started. Now you know the vehicle is getting to a comfortable temperature inside. And your vehicle doesn’t necessarily have to be in sight.

Did you also know that some of our systems can even tell you the temperature inside your vehicle? Having this feature makes it easier to know how long you need to run your vehicle to get it to your desired temperature.

Locking Your Vehicle

Another advantage of a two-way paging remote is the ability to tell you if your doors are locked. Let’s say you get out of your vehicle and your phone rings. You may forget to lock your doors. With one of our systems, simply press the lock button and our remote will confirm the doors are indeed locked.

Taking Security To The Next Level

Paging RemotesFor even more peace of mind you may wish to add a security system to vehicle as a wise investment. If you choose one of our two-way systems that is designed to work with a security system, your remote will alert you if someone is tampering with your vehicle. This is great when you’re out to dinner where you wouldn’t hear your alarm go off but would notice your remote alerting you. Simply keep the remote at hand and if something happens, you will know.

LCD Or LED Two-Way Paging Remotes

Compustar uses two different technologies in this category: LCD and LED. The difference is the amount of information in the confirmation. A LED remote will illuminate and beep, giving you a visual and audible confirmation. The LCD remote takes it to another level, letting you know how long the vehicle has been running as well as its interior temperature. If you opt for a security system, the LCD models would even tell you what set off your alarm, essential communicating more information.

For more information about our different two-way paging systems, we invite you to stop by Carbon Car Systems in Blacktown with your vehicle.