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Diesel Remote Start Systems By The Pros at Carbon Car Systems

Diesel Remote StartOne of the most common questions we get about remote starters relates to diesel engines. There is a myth out there that you can’t safely install a diesel remote start system. That is simply a false statement. You absolutely can remote start your diesel-powered vehicle. Not only can Carbon Car Systems safely start your vehicle, if you have a diesel engine, you get more advantages than a gas-powered vehicle. Follow along as we explore all of the details.

Cutting Edge Technology From Compustar

Our featured remote start supplier is Compustar, the worldwide leader in remote starter technology. The vast majority of Compustar models are designed from the ground up to work properly on a diesel engine. On many vehicles, the system ties into the wait-to-start circuit as the glow plugs warm up. On other vehicles, we simply allow for a delay, giving the glow plugs time to heat up.

Carbon Car Systems Are Experts In Vehicle Networks

Modern vehicles use sophisticated electrical systems that connect all of the electronics in the vehicle. This is done over what is called a CAN-BUS network, or Controlled Area Network. The vehicle computer can monitor and control everything from the engine running to the power window motors to the fuel pump. This means that your vehicle’s computer does all the work in your vehicle, so the remote start has to be able to communicate properly with the computer. Compustar has the world’s largest database of vehicles, which allows us to flash our remote starters with software that can communicate with your vehicle computer in its own native language.

Benefits Of Engine Warm Up Time

Diesel Remote StartDiesel engines take longer to warm up than gas models. If you own a diesel, you already know this. You also know that, once your diesel engine warms up, it runs better, makes more power and is more fuel-efficient. Remote starting your diesel engine gives you several benefits.

It will turn on your climate control system and cool down or warm up the interior of your vehicle, depending on the time of year.

When you go out to your vehicle, you don’t need to drive it easy for the first several minutes, since you have already started to warm up the engine.

Your engine will make full power right away, so if you are in a hurry, you have access to all your power as soon as you get in the vehicle.

Your vehicle will use less fuel. While we can’t promise that the fuel you save while driving up the road will offset the fuel used to warm it up, we can tell you that your engine will be more fuel-efficient after it is remote started.

Longer Engine Life

Your diesel engine will last longer. Ask any good diesel mechanic, and they will tell you that a diesel engine will last longer if you allow it to warm up and cool down properly.

Turbo Timer

Diesel Remote StartWe can add a turbo timer function to your turbo diesel engine. When you pull into a parking spot, the turbo might have been spinning as fast as 100,000 revolutions per minute if your engine was working hard. If you shut off the engine right away, you stop the flow of oil to the bearings in the turbo. Our turbo timer function allows you to exit the vehicle and keep the engine running for a pre-determined amount of time; let’s say 2 minutes. Now, the turbo can properly cool down, extending its lifespan.

We can even remote start your manual transmission diesel vehicle. Ask us for details.

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