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Car Parts Made With 3D Printers – How Its Done

We here at Carbon are constantly pushing the innovation boundaries. Lately we have been working to design new products that allow us to perform our installations to the highest standard like no others. To help us achieve that goal, we have recently invested in three high-quality 3D parts printer to let us make plastic parts in-house. How cool is that? Let’s take a look at  3D printers and what we can do with them!

3D Printers – A New Toybox!

3D PrintersA decade ago, only huge corporations had access to 3D prototyping machines. They cost tens of thousands of dollars and took up a lot of space. As the popularity of 3D printing started to increase, smaller, less-expensive products have become available.

3D printers work just like your typical ink or laser printers, but instead they deposit layers of melted plastic with each pass, over and over. They layer the plastic to build up a part and do it with amazing detail and accuracy, down to 0.09mm per layer. There are different materials available, such as ABS, PCABS, HIPS or ULTRA which are different composite materials that give different attributes such as more strength, less shrinkage or even higher quality. The “ink” is available in an array of different colors, or even polycarbonate to produce transparent items. This transparency is great for prototyping parts – it allows us to see what has to be changed quickly and easily.


3D PrintersCarbon Car Systems has invested in 3x high-quality, mid-sized 3D printers, the Zotrax M200. These machines let us start developing parts like our installation kit for Scion FR-S, Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ front speakers. The kits come with 3D printed door speaker adapters that will let you mount almost any aftermarket 6.5-inch woofer in the factory location. Plus we have created a custom wiring adapter plug that allows the system to plug directly into the factory harness without any cutting or splicing. All done completely in-house and printed on demand with our new 3D printers.

Our installation kits we use in store here at the shop ourselves so that we can get the best quality installation possible. Kits are also available online for the do-it-yourselfers who loves to work on their vehicle.

The Future

3D PrintersEvery day, we are coming up with new ideas for pars we can create with our 3D printers – logos and badges, different mounting adapters, and much more. It’s become as easy having our designer, Jason Zhang, transform our sketches into a 3D drawing, then all we do is push print. We can do it all in real time. Gone are the days of expensive injection mold tooling – 3D printing is the future!

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