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SoundSkins Lite The New Standard

SoundSkins Lite The New Standard

Introducing SoundSkins Lite, for years Dynamat has been the standard name in sound proofing and damping material for vehicles but nothing has changed for over 10 years…so we decided to revisit the idea and see if we could improve it.

SoundSkins Lite is a new material that breaks tradition as there is no foil layer holding the rubber butyl (the black sticky tar stuff) together. Instead with new technology we are able to compact the rubber butyl into thin black sheets.

Using this technic we are able to make the material more pliable yet still make it dense enough to perform sound proofing all within a thin 1.6mm material.

In SoundSkins style we have provided 2x sheets in a large 0.5m x 1m size in every roll, covering an area of 1 sqm per roll.

The thinner material allows it to be installed in more vehicles without impacting on panel placement. The large sheets allow for faster install speeds. The nice black material makes for a cleaner looking install for that professional finish.

Even better news is that this new material we where able to leverage new manufacture technics and ingredients to make it even more affordable at only $99 per roll delivered.




SoundSkins Product Range

SoundSkins Lite is the latest product in the SoundSkins rang along with the SoundSkins Pro & SoundSkins Rings. Available now from over 200 dealers from across the world in Australia, the USA & Canada.

To find a dealer new you use the SoundSkins Dealer Finder page here:

SoundSkins Pro vs SoundSkins Lite