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Product Spotlight: SoundSkins Sound Deadening

SoundSkinsWhen it comes to getting that last 10% of performance from a car audio system, a critical component is the proper installation of a quality sound-deadening material like SoundSkins. Developed in Australia by Carbon Car Systems, SoundSkins is now available in the USA from SoundSkins USA. In Australia it is distributed by our partner Stinger Australia.

Why You Need SoundSkins

SoundSkinsPreventing road noise from getting into your vehicle is any easy way to improve the performance of your car audio system. When the interior is quieter, you can hear the detail in your music more clearly and easily. A layer of SoundSkins on your doors will prevent road noise from entering your vehicle. It will also improve the performance of door-mounted speakers by effectively turning your door into a speaker enclosure.

How It Works

SoundSkins is a multi-layer material that includes butyl rubber for damping, an aluminum layer for strength and a foam layer for energy absorption. When applied to a metal surface, it adds mass and reduces vibration. The foam layer helps absorb sound energy and prevents the plastic door panel and wiring from buzzing against the metal skin of the door.

What Makes SoundSkins Special?

SoundSkinsWe guarantee that SoundSkins will stay in place once installed, unlike other products. The foam layer will never delaminate from the backing. Finally, the foam itself will never absorb or hold water. The result is a product that instills confidence as soon as you touch it.

Easy To Use

SoundSkins is available in 20- by 79-inch rolls (50cm x 200cm). That’s 11 square feet (1 square metre), and enough material to easily cover two car doors without the need to splice or overlap product. The ease of installation and amazing appearance make a door damped with SoundSkins a thing of beauty.

If you are looking for a way to make your vehicle more comfortable to drive and simultaneously improve the performance of even the best speakers in the industry, you need to look at SoundSkins. If you are near Blacktown, New South Wales, Australia, drop into Carbon Car Systems to get all the details on SoundSkins. In North America, you can visit the SoundSkins website to find a local dealer near you.

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