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Product Spotlight: 2016 Ranger PX2 Remote Starter

Carbon Car Systems is pleased to announce that we are the first company to have a remote starter system available for the 2016 Ford Ranger PX2 truck.

Ranger PX2 Remote StarterThis new vehicle looks very impressive, and adding a Compustar system will only add to its functionality, convenience and security. Our team has designed an integrated unit that results in no loss of a key for the installation. Compustar is the worldwide leader in remote start and security system technology, and offers the finest products available at any price.

Remote Control Options

We have several different remote control options, from a basic one-way, one-button model to an extreme range two-way model that gives confirmation back to the remote control of any requested function.

Security Options

For added security, we can include security functionality with the remote start. With the FT-DAS digital tilt and motion sensor, the alarm system will detect even the slightest movement, alerting you if someone is trying to tow your vehicle or steal your wheels and tires.

Smartphone Control

Ranger PX2 Remote StarterThe ultimate combination would be adding the Drone smartphone option, giving you almost unlimited range. It harnesses the power of your phone and the Internet to give you the finest convenience and security available. The Drone module allows real-time tracking of your vehicle along with the peace of mind that comes from knowing the status of your vehicle at any time, from anywhere.

Ranger PX2 Remote Starter

When you are ready to add a remote start system or a remote start and security system to your new Ranger PX2, contact us HERE at Carbon Car Systems. Our team of specialists will work with you to find the best system for your needs.