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Can My Vehicle Be Stolen While It Is Remote Started?

Remote Started Stolen
One of the common questions posed to us at Carbon Car Systems is, “Can my vehicle be stolen when remote started?” Many people think that someone can simply go out to your vehicle, get in it and go. Let us put you at ease right now. That’s not going to happen. Your vehicle is every bit as secure when remote started as when it is sitting with the engine off. Let’s look at the reasons why your vehicle is safe.

Security Retained While Remote Started

When we install a Compustar remote starter in your vehicle, we ensure that it communicates properly with the factory security system. Imagine this scenario: You push the button on your remote control or your smartphone app to start your car. Our system will disarm the factory security system, start it up, rearm the security system and confirm the doors are locked. The only difference in your vehicle is now it is warming up in the winter and cooling down in the summer.

Key Still Required To Drive

Remote Started StolenNow, say someone manages to get into your vehicle with the engine running. If it is a key-start vehicle, the steering column is probably locked. A security feature of our remote starter systems is they monitor the food brake. If the brake is pressed without the key in the ignition, the security system instantly shuts down. At whatever point someone presses on the brake pedal, the remote start is going to shut down. Since almost all vehicles require you to depress the brake pedal to get the vehicle out of park, the problem is solved right there.

Upgrade To Aftermarket Security Add-On

Remote Started StolenIf you are the kind of person who values peace of mind, what if we told you a remote start could make your vehicle even more secure? If you add the optional security system to your starter, you gain additional theft-prevention features. If someone opens the door to your vehicle, the high-output siren immediately goes off, the engine shuts down and a starter kill-circuit engages. You also get an impact sensor that detects tampering with your vehicle. In short, you can have your cake and eat it, too, if you have a remote start/security combination system.

Top-Notch Installation Procedures

A quality installation is critical for the reliability of your remote starter, and the team at Carbon Car Systems use reference-standard methods for all of our installations. We undergo continuous training by the finest installers in the world, so rest assured, your vehicle is safe with us.

Safety From Stolen Vehicles, While Remote Started, Thanks To Carbon Car Systems

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