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Manual Transmission Remote Car Starter Is A Specialty at Carbon Car Systems

Manual Transmission Remote Car Starter

Manual Transmission Remote Car Starter Is A Specialty at Carbon Car Systems

Carbon Car Systems in Sydney are considered specialists in remote car starters technology. Our staff have been highly trained by the experts at Compustar, the leaders in remote starter technology. We love how our vehicles can be warmed up in the winter and cooled off in the summer with just a press of a button. The vehicle is completely secure and the technology integrates perfectly with modern vehicle electronics.

Carbon Car Systems Can Safely Install A Manual Transmission Remote Car Starter

One of the questions that often comes up is the option to remote start a manual transmission vehicle. Our clients question how that can be done in a safe manner. We can tell you with complete confidence that Carbon Car Systems can safely install a manual transmission remote car starter. Here’s the procedure:

  • When you pull into a parking spot, you put the transmission in neutral.
  • While you have your foot on the brake pedal, you engage the parking brake.
  • You wait approximately 4 seconds and then turn off the ignition.
  • The engine will keep running, as the sequence you just performed triggers the remote starter to activate.
  • You gather all of your belongings and exit the vehicle.
  • After you have closed the last door, you simply hit the lock button on your new Compustar remote control. The doors will lock, and the engine will shut off. As long as no one opens any of the doors, the remote starter will let the engine fire up when you’re ready to start the car again, since it knows you had to put it in neutral before you exited the vehicle. That sounds pretty simple, eh?

We Offer The Ultimate Safety With The Addition Of A Digital Motion Sensor

Manual Transmission Remote Car StarterHere at Carbon Car Systems, we take your safety and the safety of the people around you very seriously. It is for this reason that we add a second layer of defense against the vehicle starting in gear: We install a Compustar FT-DAS digital motion sensor. It can sense the vehicle moving as little as 3 inches. In the one-in-a-million chance that your vehicle starts while in gear, the sensor will kill the ignition immediately, protecting you and everyone else from damage or injury.

For decades now, you have been walking out of a climate-controlled building and getting into a vehicle that is too hot or too cold. You have to wait for the vehicle to adjust the temperature to your liking. Well, those days are over, thanks to remote starter technology.

Carbon Car Systems Is Australia’s Remote Starter Expert

We invite you to stop by Carbon Car Systems with your vehicle. Let’s explore the different options and technologies available to make your drive more comfortable. Our team of specialists are the best-trained, most highly skilled in Australia. It is one of the reasons that, when Compustar decided to start offering their products in our country, they came to us. We are honored to represent such a technologically advanced product, built by people who are committed to giving you the best products available.

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