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Seven Reasons You Need A Compustar Remote Start

Compustar Remote StartRemote starters are a growing category in Australia, and Carbon Car Systems in Blacktown NSW is pleased to be the Australian distributor of Compustar remote start systems. People will often ask us why they should get a remote starter, so we present to you:

Seven reasons you need a Compustar remote start:

1. Comfort

Your vehicle will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, since your remote starter will activate the vehicle’s ventilation system before you climb in. You know what it’s like to go out to a vehicle in the summer and open the door to feel that rush of hot air escaping the vehicle. When you get inside, you instantly begin to perspire and your clothes start sticking to your body. If you had a Compustar remote starter, your vehicle would be nice and cool, because it would have activated your air conditioning system, removing that hot air from your vehicle.

On those cold winter days, wouldn’t it be nice to go from a warm house to a warm vehicle? Now you can do just that.

2. Longevity

Ask any mechanic, and they will tell you that warming up your vehicle is good for it. It will last longer. The engine and all of the vital components will start working their way to their optimum operating temperatures when you use a remote start.

3. Two-way remote controls

Compustar Remote StartA two-way remote control communicates with your vehicle and the vehicle communicates back to the remote control. Imagine this scenario: You ask your vehicle to remote start while you’re finishing up a nice dinner out. You can’t see your vehicle from where you are seated. You press the start button on your remote control and, after it responds, it alerts you that the engine is running. Now you have complete peace of mind, knowing your vehicle is going to be at the perfect temperature when you walk out to it. Even better, if you add the alarm option and someone tampers with your vehicle, the remote will alert you of the problem, potentially avoiding a major problem for you.

4. Technology

Compustar makes the world’s finest, most technically advanced products in the world. Our whole team has been expertly trained by their staff on the installation and operation of their systems. Rest assured, we can help you open up a whole new world of convenience with your vehicle, and back it up with a lifetime warranty on their products.

5. DroneMobile

Compustar Remote StartWould you like the ultimate in remote start convenience and control? Then the Drone was made just for you. It harnesses the power of the Internet and your smartphone to give you full control over your remote starter and keyless entry system. Imagine going out to dinner with friends and leaving your vehicle at their house. When you are on your way back to their house, simply pull out your phone when you are 10 minutes away and remote start your vehicle. Now, when you arrive, your vehicle will be the perfect temperature. If you added the optional alarm system, you would even get notifications on your phone of any tampering with your vehicle, allowing you to phone the authorities. As long as your vehicle is parked in an area where the Drone module can access the Internet and your phone has Internet access, you can be anywhere in the world and control or monitor your vehicle.

6. Wide Variety Of Systems

When you come to Carbon Car Systems, you will find that we have an incredible selection of remote starter models from which to choose. Our staff will work one on one with you to find the best solution for your needs. When you choose a Compustar system, you are not locked into buying a few different models – rather, we have many, many different systems, so we are sure to have one that will work best for you.

7. Options

Compustar Remote StartOnce you have decided which system works best for you, we will talk to you about all of the options you can add to your Compustar System. Two of the most popular ones are the RPS Touch and the EZ-GO.

The RPS Touch is an interior glass sensor that goes on the windshield and allows you to unlock your doors by entering a password. You simply touch the windshield in the spot where the sensor is mounted, and the vehicle unlocks. You can safely leave your keys in the vehicle when going to the beach, or anywhere else, for that matter. The EZ-GO is a small, RFID device that goes on your keys. It can be programmed to unlock your doors automatically when you get close to it, and it can be set up to lock the doors automatically when you walk away.

We invite you to contact us here at Carbon Car Systems for more information about any of the amazing Compustar products.