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Remote Start Your Car Via The DroneMobile Apple Watch App

DroneMobile Apple Watch

Being able to control your remote start or security system with your smartphones is cool but Compustar has another trick up their sleeve that makes DroneMobile even cooler.

DroneMobile Apple Watch integration!  How cool is that?

Remote Control At Your Fingertips

DroneMobile Apple WatchBefore we talk about the Apple Watch, let’s discuss DroneMobile. If you have a Compustar remote starter or security system in your vehicle, you can add DroneMobile. Using cellular communication, DroneMobile lets you use an app for your Android smartphone or Apple iPhone to send commands to the system. The DroneMobile system also includes a GPS locator so you can view the location of your vehicle on a map, or set alerts when it enters or leaves a predetermined area.

DroneMobile is quick and easy to set up. Once we have installed the DroneMobile hardware in your vehicle, all you have to do is download the app from the Google Play or Apple App Store and set up an account. You can lock, unlock, remote start or locate your car with the touch of a button.

Apple Watch Support

The latest version of DroneMobile includes support for the Apple Watch. If you have an Apple Watch paired to your iPhone, the DroneMobile app can let you do everything right from your wrist. You can remote start, secure and GPS track your vehicle with a swipe and a tap, all while keeping your phone safe and secure in your pocket or purse.  Curious on how to use the app on the Apple Watch?  Check out this video:

Blistering Speed

DroneMobile is fast! How fast? It takes mere seconds for a command to transmit from your phone or Watch, through the Internet, and to your car. DroneMobile even confirms each action, so when the system completes the request, you will know. If you want to know everything about the car at once, just tap the status update button.

The DroneMobile system delivers messages from your vehicle just as fast! If your shock sensor goes off or if someone opens a door, your Watch will alert you in seconds. How’s that for peace of mind?

Stop By To See The DroneMobile Apple Watch App Start A Car!

Controlling your remote starter and security system has never been easier, thanks to DroneMobile. Drop into Carbon Car Systems in Blacktown, NSW, and let us demonstrate just how easy the system is to use.

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