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Fortin Products Now Distributed By Carbon Car Systems

When it comes to the proper integration of remote starter and vehicle security systems, Fortin Electronic Systems in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, are leaders in the industry. Developed from a need at their retail relocation, Fortin bypass and integration modules are now recognized the world over for their ease of use, reliability and excellent customer support. Carbon Car Systems is proud to announce that we are now a distributor for Fortin products in Australia.


Fortin bypass and interface products help take the guesswork out of remote starter and security system installations on modern vehicles with CAN BUS data networks. These modules are tested and programmed on Australian-spec vehicles to ensure that each and every command operates exactly the way it is supposed to. From door locking and unlocking to turning off that factory security system and starting the vehicle on push-to-start and tip-start vehicles, these modules make the impossible, possible.

Easy To Use

Fortin products are available exclusively to professional installers. Fortin offers extensive product support, including programming for almost 5,000 vehicles globally from 43 different brands. Part of being a Fortin dealer means that your installation team has access to Wirecolor – an online wiring database of thousands of different vehicles. Combined with the application-specific installation guides at, installing a remote starter, keyless entry or security system has never been easier.

Fortin Products

FortinFortin designed the EVO-ALL as a one-stop-shop solution for immobilizer bypass, keyless entry, convenience and security integration. On many vehicles, it can operate as a low-current, standalone starter with the factory remote. Just press the lock button three times in short succession and your vehicle starts. The EVO-ONE uses a multiple BUS architecture with 10 separate communication ports that provide more functionality on supported vehicles.

Many Fortin integration modules include DCryptor. This is a process that allows the bypass module to clone high-security key codes. DCryptor saves the consumer from having to sacrifice a key to the remote starter system.

Compustar Integration

FortinFortin designed and tested its modules to interface directly with Compustar products. When partnered, the options for remote control range, features and functionality become seemingly endless.

Carbon Car Systems in Blacktown, NSW, is proud to add Fortin Electronic Systems to our product family. This partnership strengthens our ability to support our dealers with industry-leading remote starter and security system integration solutions.

If you are interested in carrying Fortin products in your retail establishment, please contact us here.