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Pac ControlPro SWC – All-In-One Steering Wheel Control Adapter

The Pac ControlPro SWC is the first truly all-in-one steering wheel control adapter for aftermarket stereos. The new control has various configurable options to suit any vehicle.

Pac Audio US who are renowned for making OEM integrated solutions and interfaces for vehicles have just released the new game changer for steering wheel control interfacing.

The Pac Control Pro comes with 6 available configuration options including GMLAN, CANBUS, LINBUS, iBUS, Class 2 and also manual analog!

So what does all that mean? Basically this unit will make any vehicles factory steering wheel controls work with any stereo! Meaning you can even move it from car to car making it potentially a once only purchase…

The new unit also comes with some great new features to make programming & customising the steering wheel controls even easier then ever before.

New Features Include:

  1. A new app available for tablet and phone, Android or Apple that allow programming of the unit
  2. Multiple analogue inputs to allow elimination of resisters during installation (as with previous Pac SWI-RC)
  3. Supports multi-function button control, which means now one button can have two functions. (Short and Long presses)
  4. Pre-loadable and saveable vehicle setups for future vehicle installations.
  5. Wiring diagram’s and instructions available through the app.



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