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DIY: VE Remote Start Installation Guide

VE Remote Start Installation Guide

DIY: VE Remote Start Installation Guide

Remote Start Sequence is now 
Lock – Unlock – Lock 


Automatic Transmission Installation & Programming:

[su_youtube url=”” width=”480″ height=”320″]


Harness Plug Position


Additional Installation Guides

Auto Trans Install Guide

Manual Trans Install Guide

Remote Programming


Manual Transmission Clutch Wiring

We found that there was two different clutch pedal configurations some vehicles has a 4 wire clutch plug and some had a 3 wire clutch plug. The kit will still work for either. Below images show the connection you require in either type.

4 Wire = Green Wire
3 Wire = Yellow Wire
Click To Enlarge



How do I use the new Jow Connector for the clutch wire?
Watch here:

Can the system be upgraded to an alarm?
We have discontinued the alarm add on but specialist dealers can install this feature for you.

My remote start programmed but won’t start?
Learn the tach level via programming also watch video again.
(Start car, hold foot on break, press and hold remote start button 3 secs)

Can the RPS Touch be added to my system?
Only to the latest DC3 versions. See model number on box.

Can I add long range remotes?
Yes, any of the Compustar remote kits can be added.



  1. forged.documents February 19, 2018

    Got the unit in the mail today (VE Auto version) and had it installed in ten minutes no problem. So easy !!
    Only thing is… Don’t expect the bottom cover to “clip back on” easily like it does in the video… Mine took a little persuasion and a few choice words while hanging upside down off the drivers seat.
    Bottom line : The unit is definitely the simplest thing EVER to install. The Holden plastic is the trouble maker.
    Awesome product guys 🙂
    I will be buying the long range remote in the near future too.


  2. clubsportdude April 27, 2020

    I agree with you Jamie, the unit was simple to install on my stock HSV WM Grange, especially with the video to follow. The unit and its wiring harness is OEM quality and matches existing wiring perfectly.

    I made the mistake of trying to start it with the bonnet not fully closed as the car is on trickle charge and starts normally with the bonnet in this position. Bonnet and doors must all be closed and the handbrake on!

    Very happy with the unit and with Daniel’s quick message response when the car wouldn’t start.

    I had the same problem replacing the plastic bottom cover under the steering column, but at least knowing how the clips work, it ended up fitting with perseverance and choice words.

    I thoroughly recommend this product, its a quality unit, it works and is simple to install (Holden’s plastic bottom cover excepted!).

  3. Corey Innes August 11, 2020

    Mine arrived last week. Fitted it no worries. Programmed and went to test it wouldn’t work. Then I watched the entire video and didn’t watch the brake pedal bit. Once I done that it worked perfectly. I just had to watch the entire clip. Very happy with this product.

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