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Apple iOS 11 Wireless Mirroring for Kenwood DDX917WS & DDX9017DABS

Apple iOS 11 Wireless Mirroring for Kenwood DDX917WS

Apple iOS 11 Wireless Mirroring Update for Kenwood DDX9 Series



We show you on our YouTube channel @CarbonCarSystems how to fix the Apple iOS 11 Wireless Mirroring for Kenwood DDX917WS & DDX9017DABS & DNX9170DABS. This new update fixes the recently broken patch file and brings back one of the coolest features of the new Kenwood DDX9 Series head units.

Please watch this video on our YouTube channel showing you how to apply the patch file and get the wireless mirroring features back working for the Apple iPhones.

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iOS Mirroring Patch Files For Download

DDX9 Series – Non-Navigation (280mb)

DNX9 Series – Navigation (1.12gb)

Works for 2017 model DDX9 series yet to be tested on the new 2018 models due in May


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Once taken to the Google Drive link above click the button top right to download the patch file.


Copy these two files to your USB

Unzip the downloaded file and copy these two sub files to a clean USB and watch the
video below for further instructions.


How To Activate Wireless Mirroring for Apple iPhone

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Step 2.. Wireless Turn On

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  1. nguyen.lewis May 13, 2018

    Hey guys,

    Firstly thanks for the patch! I’m having some trouble with it. I’m not able to switch to the wireless link for the Apples. It’s not giving me the choice to switch over from the Miracast.
    I’ve got the DDX9017DABS, and I’ve copied the checksums.mf5 and the S_V1_4_2008_2100 folder onto a new USB. It updated and all that, but once it was done when I press the Air Mirroring button it only gives me the Miracast option.

    Thanks for the help in advance, I’m DYING to use your patch. Cheers guys

  2. chris1 May 17, 2018

    I can’t even get the system to recongise any USB stivck I plug in it keeps saying no multi media files.

    Any ideas please./

  3. air_77 May 28, 2018

    Is there a way to revert back to factory firmware once the patch is applied? I tried manufacturers recommendation to flash back to original firmware but files on USB not recognised…

  4. Brian July 14, 2018


    has there been any more testing done to see if this works with the DNX9180DABS?

  5. Author
    Daniel Gardener July 22, 2018

    We have not tested with the DNX sorry I believe its currently not working.

  6. afifi.said July 26, 2018

    Hi Daniel,

    Does this patch files work on DDX918WS?

    Thanks in advance.

  7. leigh.maisey July 30, 2018

    Hey Daniel,

    Thanks for the new patch for iOS11.

    I have just intalled the patch files onto my DDX917WS which successfully installed and rebooted. My iPhone is running iOS 11.4.1. When I select air mirroring on the Kenwood unit I don’t get the option to swap from mirrorcast to apples wireless mirroring. The waiting for connection box comes up but doesn’t display the button as shown in your YouTube video. Any tips on a fix would be greatly appreciated or is this possibly as issue with this been a newer version of ios11 than what you used when recording the demonstration video?


  8. psnpdeakin August 27, 2018

    Thanks for doing this – any updates on if the patch works on the DDX918WS

  9. bradley.lloyd110 September 12, 2018

    Hey mate,
    Just wondering if the patch worked for you with the DDX918WS?
    I have that same model and would really like it to work.

  10. joealgeri81 December 1, 2018


    did you get a reply to this problem, I have the same issue.



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