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Window Tinting & Paint Protection Have A New Home


To make life easy for everyone we have moved all information about Window Tinting, Paint Protection and Interior protection to a brand new website. This new website will have all the information you could want for all these items.

Some of the key new features of the website are:

  1. Online Price List
  2. Information about laws and legalities of Window Tint
  3. Examples of the different types of shades of film
  4. Information about our Opti-Coat Paint Protection Service
  5. The difference between our store and other “so called” tint specialists.
  6. Paint Protection information and prices
  7. Interior Protection information and prices

These are just some of the cool new features of the website. To find the rest we suggest you jump on over and check it out for your self.


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  1. chris July 1, 2014

    Hi do you install Hüper Optik Ceramic films?

    How much would it cost for installation ?

    How does it compare to:

    3M equivalent and how much is that to install? What is the 3M film used called?

    The car is a brand new skoda octivia ambition plus wagon.

    Full tint

    What percentage would you recommend as the most affective?


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