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Window Tinting Now Available – 3M ColourStable

Carbon have now added Car Window Tinting to our ever growing portfolio of products and services.

In true Carbon style we will only be offering the best product available as our premium film. The  3M Colour Stable Series window film simply is the best film in the world.

Additional information about the 3M window film and its specifications can be found here: 3M Colour Stable Brochure 

So why 3M window film you ask? These are some of the benefits of 3M:

  • Lifetime Warranty Australia Wide at any 3M Licenced Dealer
  • Lifetime Warranty Against Peeling, Bubbling and Colour Fade
  • Patented Nano-Carbon Polyester Film (not metallic or a dyed ceramic)
  • Non Metallic so no radio antenna recepetion interference
  • Best Specifications for Glare Reduction, Visible Light Reflection, Solar Energy Rejection and UV Rejection
  • Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV Protectant

Brilliant product, but why use Carbon Car Systems?

  • Dust Free Tinting Environment
  • Fixed Price Per Vehicle Pricing
  • Choice of any Shade of Film (no extra charge for darker shades)
  • Lifetime Warranty on Fitment
  • Display Board Showcasing Tint Shades
  • Dedicated Specialised Car Window Tinter