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Review: We Compare Between Thinkware F750 vs F770

Thinkware F750 vs F770Review: We Compare Between Thinkware F750 vs F770

One of the biggest questions we found with dash cameras has been what is the difference between Thinkware F750 vs F770 that make the new model worth the few extra dollars.

So we thought we would do a video comparison on the Thinkware units themselves so you can see them side by side right from the comfort of your home.

We will be posting a side by side footage video to YouTube this coming week for those looking specifically for the video quality difference.

Suffice to say that the image quality between the two is exactly the same BUT the F770 has come through with much clearer night vision, making it really worth the upgrade for that reason alone in this paranoid mans eyes.

This video runs us through the physical properties and the differences in installation and also how the app is operated.