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Sound Deadening Kits for Subaru BRZ & Toyota 86 – Tutorial

This tutorial is a guide only and shows how to remove the factory door trim and install the Carbon Door Skins sound deadening kit for the Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ.

Carbon Car Systems offers an installation service to install these kits. Please contact us for pricing should you require help with installation in NSW.

Interstate customers we can recommend professional stores that can assist.

Estimated Installation Time: 2 hours

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Should you require any help please feel free to contact us.

P: (02) 9831 3288
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Step 1

Start on the drivers side door. Ensure the window is UP (not down like image shown)

This makes it easier later in the installation.

Step 2

Remove handle cover using non-marring pry bar. (supplied)

Lever from the bottom it does take a little force.

Step 3

There is a factory cut out portion to pry from. Use this section.

Step 4

Pull from the bottom of handle first directly outwards.

Step 5

The top section must be slid down and out.
Do not just pull the top section direction out this will break the locator tab.

Step 6

Use pry bar to pop out the plastic scrivet in the top left corner of the trim.

Step 7

Also pop open the screw cover in opening handle section.

Step 8

Remove these 3x screws. Screwdriver provided.

Step 9

Remove the outside trim by pulling on it. This does take quite a lot of force. Make sure you support the trim as much as possible. Start at the location shown in image.
The trim is held on only by clips you must pull directly outwards.

Step 10

Once the trim clips are popped off you need to slide the trim upwards, starting furthest away from the vehicle as per image shown. This lifts the trim up out of the window runner ledge.

Step 11

Unhook these two cables from the door handle. They just pull outwards. This is looking at the inside of the door trim. You will be holding the door trim while doing this. Or get a friend to help.

Step 12

The puddle lamp must also be unclipped. There is a locking tab located on the top that must be pushed in to remove the clip. Shown in image.

Step 13

The last two plugs to be removed from the electronic window switch. These have two locking tabs on the back of them that must be pushed in to remove the plugs. You can use the non-marring pry bar to help.

Step 14

Electronic window plug locking tabs shown.

Step 15

Now the trim is removed be sure to check no clips are left in the door. You will need to remove these and return them onto the door trim. They just pull out and slide into the door trim locators.

Step 16

Unscrew the factory speaker mounts and unclip the factory speaker plug. Shown in the image. If you have aftermarket speaker mounting just remove these however they are mounted. (often just screws).

Step 17

We will now remove this plastic inner lining.

Step 18

This is done by pulling on the plastic near the sticky goo. If you are careful you can remove the plastic with the goo together in one go. It does not matter if you tear the plastic this plastic is not going to be returned to the trim.

Step 19

When removing the plastic if you encounter plugs in the door just tear the plastic off around it. You can remove the plugs but this often damages the plugs location tabs. Much easier to tear the plastic off around them.

Step 20

Clean off any left over sticky goo. This can be done using a wax / grease remover. Or you can use the pulled off sticky goo on the plastic to dab the left over goo off as it adheres to itself.

Step 21

Unclip this cover. You can see unclipped in next photo. There are 3x tabs they just push down and it removes easily. This plastic cover can be returned after the installation of the inner skin sound deadening.

Step 22

Tab removed. This will help during installation of the inner skin sound deadening as you can put your hand in here.

Step 23

This is the inner skin section of the door kit. They will be installed into the drivers door trim in this layout. They are marked in the kit for the specific locations.

DTL = Drivers Top Left
DTR = Drivers Top Right
DBL = Drivers Bottom Left
DBR = Drivers Bottom Right

Passenger side start with a “P”

Step 25

Insert the panels through this hole in the door.
We do this in order from DTL -> DTR -> DBL -> DBR

Step 26

The pieces of sound deadening butt up against each other in the format show earlier. They should fit very snug. Should you stick them down in the wrong spot you can lift them off and relocated.

Step 27

Shows the sound deadening installed on the outer skin of the door.

Step 29

This is the outer skin of the drivers door. This is one large piece. Remove the backing paper before installation.

This will be marked as drivers door and passenger door for each corresponding piece.

Step 30

Start by lining up the top of the piece onto the door and laying from the top down.

This piece has all the holes cut out for the trim clips and covers the entire door perfectly.

Step 31

The cables go through the shown hole here

Step 32

Power window plugs go together through the top hole (one without a clip hole). The speaker plug also has its own hole

Step 33

The puddle light plug comes out the bottom right clip hole. There is plenty of room left to do this

Step 34

Drivers side installation complete. Now return the door trim back onto the door and repeat for passenger side

Step 35

This is an image of the parts left ready for the passenger side.