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Perfectionist Announces SoundSkins USA Release

Perfectionist Auto Sound & Security in Anchorage, Alaska, is pleased to announce the unveiling of our SoundSkins line of sound-deadening product, SoundSkins USA. In our opinion, it will set a new standard for products in this category. Other brands are relying on technology developed over a decade ago. SoundSkins takes a new approach to sound-deadening. They apply the technology of products designed to eliminate low frequencies and products designed to eliminate higher frequencies, and build them into one amazing product.

Great Product From Down-Under

We first learned of this product while in Australia, meeting with some of our vendor partners. One look at this product, and we knew it was something special. In fact, our team got so excited about it that we became the North American distributor for SoundSkins! How’s that for dedication and confidence

Tame Vehicle Road Noise With SoundSkins

You may be asking yourself, “What is sound-deadening, and why do I need it?” That is a great question. Have you noticed that, when you’re driving, it seems like your vehicle gradually gets louder and louder? What you are experiencing is road noise. It is caused by everything from the wind blowing over your vehicle to the tire noise and the engine itself. The good news is that SoundSkins can eliminate much of the road noise that makes your drive less enjoyable.

Selectable Noise Reduction

The team at Perfectionist will apply a SoundSkins product to key areas of your vehicle, depending upon the amount of sound reduction you want to achieve. The first place is the doors, since much of the road noise comes in through them. The next step is often the floor, and then the trunk area. Take a few minutes to watch this video that shows the difference that applying Soundskins to just the front doors can make:


Drastic Improvement In Vehicle Acoustics With SoundSkins

We can tell you firsthand that a completely “SoundSkinned” vehicle is a dream to drive. You will be able to have conversations at much lower levels. People you talk to on your Bluetooth kit will hear you more clearly. The benefit to your audio system is incredible. The road noise has been masking the sound of your music ever since you have been driving your vehicle. The good news is that we can fix it.  In less than a minute the next video will show you the improvements SoundSkins can make to your audio system:

The Details

For those of you who love seeing specs on everything, here you go:

  • It uses a denser, thinner acoustic foam layer for improved sound reduction along with better panel fitment.
  • It comes with a commercial adhesive for better application and no delamination.
  • You get a large, single-piece design, so your installation is cleaner.
  • Our product is waterproof, so it retains factory seals, meaning no car damage.
  • SoundSkins comes in three sizes:
    • Door kit, 1 sq. m. = 1 tube
    • Bulk kit, 3 sq. m. = 3 tubes
    • MEGA kit, 4 sq. m. = 4 tubes
  • Specs per roll: weight 2.7kgs,  4.5mm thickness
  • Material: 1.5mm butyl and 3mm smooth acoustic foam
  • Sheet: measures 0.5m x 2m