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SoundSkins Australia

Exclusive SoundSkins Australia Distributer

Carbon Car Systems has now been appointed the sole SoundSkins Australia distributer.
SoundSkins is a global brand that offers a premium range of automotive products that are both high in quality and easy to use.

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SoundSkins Pro

SoundSkins Pro is the world famous 3 in 1 sound deadening material. It is made up of 3x layers that increase its sound proofing performance and enhance the vehicles car audio acoustics, resulting in reduced road noise and improved sound.

Exclusive to SoundSkins Australia

SoundSkins Rings

SoundSkins Rings are pre-cut foam rings that are designed to seal your speaker installations against door panels and trims by coupling the speaker to the cabin of the car. Resulting in improved speaker performance.

This two in one kit includes multi-size rings from 6.5″ down to 0.5″ and an additional acoustic wave ring for mounting behind the speakers to reduce back wave interference.

SoundSkins Lite

SoundSkins Lite is a slimline version of sound deadening that still improves car sound. It is a dense rubber butyl uniquely compacted so it no longer requires the foil lining of most traditional deadeners making it more plyable and easy to use.

SoundSkins Vision

SoundSkins Vision is a series of two premium high resolution cameras that have super night vision. The two styles cover almost every application possible and designed to be easily installed with it’s unique vertical and horizontal image flip capabilities and built in guidelines.

Both the OEM & Bracket style cameras are IP67 waterproof & dustproof rated complete in a metal housing and stainless steel screws.

SoundSkins Shade

SoundSkins Shade is premium carbon-nano film designed for window tinting. The high quality film comes with lifetime warranty, 99% UV rejection, infra-red heat rejection and is completely non-metallic giving it a nice black finish with no signal interference.

Shades 70% | 35% | 20% | 15% | 5%
Sizes ~ 60″ | 30″ | 20″
Length ~ 30m each roll