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Sound Deadening

Treat Your Vehicle 

Improve your vehicles sound system and reduce road noise in one single treatment. Sound deadening has long been the experts secret and now its yours.

This clever material simply lays onto the surface of your vehicles body and doors to create a barrier that adds performance to your stereo system, but reduces all that unwanted road noise common to most new vehicles.

A Sound Advantage 

Sound deadening is the key to all great car audio installations BUT not all deadeners are created equal. That is why we created SoundSkins!

SoundSkins has been designed by installers for installers & clients alike to give the maximum results with minimal effort and is created with only the best materials giving YOU the professional advantage.


Why SoundSkins? 

Simple, quality is important to us. SoundSkins is unique in the fact that it combines two materials into the one.
It combines a 1.5 mm layer of rubber butyl with a 3 mm of smooth acoustic foam on top.

Together these two materials in one, achieve maximum performance by reducing road noise and improving sound in the single process. SoundSkins is backed with a 100% quality guarantee and is also completely waterproof.

Why buy two different materials when one will do?
Having the two materials in one saves you both time and money!

Distinct Differences 

SoundSkins has made multiple improvements over traditional sound deadening designs that give it the technological advantage. SoundSkins comes with:

  • High strength commercial grade adhesive that is pliable enough to manipulate during application but strong enough never to delaminate or fall off.
  • Denser foam to block out more road noise while still eliminating echo and vibrations.
  • Waxed backing paper for easier installation.
  • Thinner foam to allow panels and trims to seat better.
  • Large single pieces for quicker, neater and cleaner installations.


Our Passion, Our Product, 

Did you know, Carbon Car Systems is the home of SoundSkins, designed right here in Australia for the world.

It was specially designed to withstand our harsh temperature conditions without failing AND to achieve maximum effect with the least possible changes to the vehicle!

Make Sound Deadening Your First Vehicle Upgrade, 

When you factor in all of the performance and sound benefits gained by installing sound-deadening products, this should be the first improvement you make to your vehicle.

For a free sample or to test out the material please feel free to stop by our store with your vehicle for more information, or you can contact us HERE.