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Sound Deadening – Where Audio Begins

SoundSkins Pro Bulk Kit

Sound Deadening - Where Audio Begins

If you have ever been to our store for a car audio upgrade then you will know how much we love and promote sound deadening as the first step towards a decent sound upgrade!

So what does it actually do?

Quite simply it does two things, it improves the sound and reduces noise!

Are all sound deadeners created equal?

Definitely not – that is why we have created SoundSkins.

Read more about the differences and advantages at:

The Difference

So turn up the volume on your computer and hear the difference as we demo it here.
(sorry phone speakers cannot produce the frequencies out of the tiny speakers to hear the difference)

BUT FEAR NOT – Come down into store to hear the difference in person and you will be amazed.


  1. Anthony August 1, 2015

    Hi. This might be a stupid question but interested to know if you would recommend sound deadening to reduce exhaust drone inside the cabin. Cheers!

  2. Author
    Daniel Gardener August 3, 2015

    There are no stupid questions just stupid answers.

    Yes it would reduce the drone but not 100% and you would need to do quite a bit around the boot area. This can certainly be done though.

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