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Secure Your Tools With This Toolbox Security System

Toolbox Security

A security system is a great way to protect your vehicle from being stolen or vandalized. There are countless thieves out there- some wanting to make off with your ride or its contents! Sometimes the contents are more important than the vehicle itself. This is one of greatest little add on products we have found that will have thieves or potential thieves quaking in their boots – the ToolGuard Toolbox Security Alarm from Cyclops Security Systems.

Available to Suit Every Application

Toolbox SecurityThe wireless bridge , TG-6000, is designed to tie into a premium security system such as Compustar. You can control the system from your long-range Compustar remote, or even via your DroneMobile system. The ToolGuard system can be quickly and easily added to any vehicle security system. It works by adding a wired receiver to the alarm system sensor port and and pairs to up to 5x wireless Toolguard transmitters. This means you can protect all your toolbox with one simple application.

How It Works

The ToolGuard sensor mounts to the inside of your toolbox lid. Once the lid is closed, you can arm the alarm from an included code-hopping remote control, or we can tie the system into a Compustar security system. When the system is armed, it monitors the angle of the toolbox lid. If the angle changes, an alarm sounds! If you have multiple toolboxes, we can add ToolGuard sensors to additional toolboxes quickly and easily.

The system is incredibly reliable thanks to its onboard 3D Accelerometer and Gyroscope. You can park the vehicle at any angle, and the system will work perfectly. Because there are no wires going in or out of your toolbox, thieves can’t bypass the system with a pair of wire cutters. The onboard batteries are designed to last two years. The system will beep to notify you when they get low.

Stop In To See This Toolbox Security In Person

If you are looking for a way to protect your valuable tools, the ToolGuard system is the perfect option. These systems work on toolboxes, flip-up tonneau covers or anything else that hinges upwards. Drop into Carbon Car Systems today and speak with one of our product experts. You can contact us here for more information about any of our products or services.