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How To Remote Start Manual Vehicles Safely

How To Remote Start Manual Vehicles Safely

We get asked this question all the time, “how can you remote start manual vehicles?”

This is a very good question, the answer is this little device called an FT-DAS which is a Digital Adjustable Sensor (DAS).compustar-ft-das-2

What does that mean you may ask? Well its essentially an accelerometer which means it detects movement. This little sensor made by Compustar is a small electronic device that plugs into their remote start and security systems and acts as a secondary neutral safety prevention device. So if it detects the car jumping forward or moving during the remote start procedure it will immediately shut down the vehicle.

Pretty cool stuff!

This is just one of the methods used my Compustar to remote start manual vehicles safely. Another is the remote start shutdown procedure before exiting the vehicle.

We give you a run down on how to set the remote start for the manual vehicle here in this video and discuss the DAS sensor and its features a little more.


Remote Start Manual Vehicles Safely