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Remote Car Starters

Carbon Car Systems is your choice for remote car start experts in Sydney, Australia. A remote starter lets you start your car so the AC or heating system can make it more comfortable inside – without you having to step outside. All you do is press a button on a remote control, or use the DroneMobile app on your smartphone, and the remote starter does the rest.

Who wouldn’t want the engine warmed up and vehicle interior heated or cooled off before getting to the car?

System Options

There are many different remote car starter control options. Some are very simple and easy to use, and some offer incredible range and advanced features. Let’s look at some of the popular options.

  • Remote Car StartersFactory key fob – In many vehicles, we can install an interface that will allow you to remote start your vehicle by simply pressing the Lock button on the factory key fob. This means there are no extra remotes to carry. However, your range is limited to whatever the vehicle manufacturer provided – and that often isn’t very far.
  • Compustar remotes – Compustar is our brand of choice for premium remote car starter systems. They offer a broad range of remote controls, from simple one-button remotes that work up to 250 meters away to an incredible water-resistant unit that features an LCD screen and almost 5 kilometers of range.
  • DroneMobile – Using a cellular interface and a software app on your smartphone, you can lock, unlock or remote start your car from anywhere that you have a cellular data connection.

Range extension – Some vehicles, like the Jeep Grand Cherokee, come from the factory with a remote starter. In vehicles like that, our Compustar remote car starters can act as a long-range remote control, giving you all the range you could ever want.

Safety Features

Ensuring that your vehicle starts safely is our top priority. Before the vehicle responds to a start request from your remote, several conditions have to be met to ensure there is no possibility of an accident occurring. Some of the many systems that we monitor include:

  • Bonnet pin – We can install a physical switch on the hood so the remote starter can verify that it is closed. This ensures nobody is working on the engine when the vehicle starts!
  • Remote Car StartersHand brake – For both standard and automatic transmission vehicles, setting the parking brake properly ensures the vehicle and objects surrounding it are safe.
  • Locked doors – The vehicle’s doors are locked to ensure that nobody enters the vehicle until you unlock it. Even if someone did get in, as soon as they press the foot brake to put the car into gear, the engine will instantly shut down.
  • Engine speed – In the unlikely event that the engine RPM increases, the remote start system will shut it down. The system also uses this engine speed information to ensure the crank time during start-up is set perfectly.

Sydney’s Remote Car Start Experts

Carbon Car Systems is more than just a local car stereo shop. We are the Australian distributor for Compustar, and we handle all of the testing and research for vehicles that are unique to our country. Since we started in 2008, we have made it our goal to ensure that our staff has the tools and training to make them the best. Each staff member has attended education sessions all over the world.

When your vehicle is in our hands, you can be assured it is safe. Each of our technicians has a dedicated installation bay to eliminate traffic. We use a cover on interior panels to prevent damage. Our state-of-the-art testing and diagnostic tools are the envy of our peers.

We have installed thousands of remote starter systems, and we treat each one as though it was going in our personal vehicle. We use soldered electrical connections, protected and concealed wiring, and carefully planned product mounting locations help to ensure perfect reliability for the life of the automobile. Our work exceeds the quality standards set by automakers.

Adding a remote car starter is an excellent way to make your vehicle more comfortable and secure. Contact us here to learn more about our remote car starter systems or any of our products and services.