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NO MORE CREDIT CARD SURCHARGES – Platinum Rewards Cards Welcome!


Store Credit and Removal of Credit Card Surcharge:

NO MORE CREDIT CARD SURCHARGES – Platinum Rewards Cards Welcome!

It is becoming more and more acceptable to charge a credit card surcharge on payment in stores across Australia, some even as high as 5% for Platinum or Reward cards.

We ourselves have been guilty of charging this small fee also BUT as of today Carbon Car Systems has decided to remove the surcharge for using your American Express & Platinum Reward cards in our stores.

Take advantage of those extra points and interest free periods by using your VISA, MasterCard or AMEX with us, in fact we encourage it!

Just another way we are listening to our clients needs and helping you get what you want sooner with more reward.


To show how much we really do care, we are also offering anyone that has been charged a credit card fee by us EVER a store credit to the value of the fee.


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