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Introducing SoundSkins Speaker Ring Kits

SoundSkins Speaker Ring

Making your car audio system sound amazing is our goal. We love listening to amazing speakers and subwoofers, but we know that HOW we install products in your vehicle is just as important as the performance of the products themselves. To help us make your car audio system sound better, we have developed the new SoundSkins Rings for your speakers. They are a simple design, but their performance improvement is amazing.

Sound Control

SoundSkins Speaker RingJust as you would never put a home speaker behind a bookcase, you want to direct all the output of the speakers we install into the vehicle. While factory audio systems don’t use very good speakers, the mounting brackets are quite impressive. Factory mounts are often angled up and rearward, and include foam gaskets to ensure the output of the speaker is coupled directly to the interior door trim panel. When we make new adapters for better speakers, it can be difficult or overly expensive to replicate those angled mounts. With SoundSkins Rings, we get the same performance without the expensive price tag.

The gasket mounts around the speaker and are 25 mm high. When the door trim panel is put back in place, this ring seals the gap while still allowing the parts to fit together perfectly. Without our rings, the sound that gets lost in between the door and trim panels can cause vibrations and cancellations that reduce the performance of your audio system. Nobody wants mushy mid-bass or honky mid-range, do they?

The result? Your system will have tighter bass and mid-bass response. Mid-range clarity will be improved, making vocals clearer and more defined. If you are using a coaxial speaker, even the performance of the tweeter can be improved. You will hear more highs, and the clarity and detail will be enhanced.

Premium Materials

We use premium, water-resistant, closed-cell foam for SoundSkins Rings. High-quality 3M two-sided adhesive ensures that the rings, gaskets and pads stay in place permanently. There is no risk of them falling off, even in extremely high- and low-temperature conditions. You can even stack them for added thickness if required.

We have put together a quick video that walks you through the design and installation process of our Speaker Ring Kits.  Take a few minutes to check it out:

Come see us down at Carbon Car Systems in Blacktown and let us show you why there is nothing like the new SoundSkins Speaker Rings kit. For more information, contact us here.