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How To Change Kenwood Load Screen | Customise Start Screen 2018

Change Kenwood Load Screen

Change Kenwood Load Screen & Customise Start Screen

Coming into 2018 with the all new range we keep getting asked How To Change Kenwood Load Screen or Kenwood Start Up Screen. So at it once again we thought we would clear this up for you all so you can be happy as a pig in mud.

This new guide will work for 2018 models and allow you to customise your start screen on the JVC Kenwood stereos. This is great to run custom logos of your vehicle or even photos of your car or loved ones.

For earlier models (before 2018) we have a guide on our YouTube channel to help you out. Please check it out at @CarbonCarSystems.

Step 1: Watch The Guide

Step 2: Download Files Here

NOTE* You may have to right click and download file.

Step 3: Format USB Card To FAT

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  1. nick-2168 February 26, 2020

    Thanks for sharing this tip – I noticed that the original splash screen stays displayed through to completion of the boot up on my DNX5190DABS but the new one only displays for a few seconds before returning to a blank screen through to boot completion… Is there another file or a modification to the txt file required? – anything to do with the other option ‘Wallpaper Customize’ ?… thanks again folks.

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