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Five Reasons To Tint With A Plotter

Carbon Car Systems  uses a computer-controlled plotter to cut our window film & here are five reasons why you want a tint shop that uses a plotter.

The Cuts in the Film Are Perfect

First and foremost, using a plotter means the cuts on the window film are perfect. No jagged edges, no wavy lines; just a perfect, clean cut.

No Cutting on Your Vehicle

TintYou many not realize it, but when someone installs window tint on your vehicle and doesn’t use a plotter, they are hand-cutting the film. That means they use your vehicle as a cutting board. They use an extremely sharp razor blade on your vehicle, so there is a risk of scratching the glass, trim or window seals. That will never happen at Carbon Car Systems. We value our clients too much to do things the old-fashioned way.

Your Vehicle Gets Done Sooner

Another advantage of coming to us is your vehicle will spend less time in our bay. While our technician is cleaning your windows, the plotter is automatically cutting the film. This allows us to be more efficient so you can be back on your way sooner.

A Plotter Has Less Waste

PlotterWhen a company makes the conscious decision to use a computer-controlled plotter, they waste less film. What that means to you is two things: a better overall value, and less film taking up space in a landfill.

It Shows the Shop Is Serious about the Category

We know that you have multiple options when choosing whom you want to tint your windows. The sad reality is that many people will buy $100 worth of supplies and a few rolls of film, and consider themselves in the tint business. Since your vehicle will probably be the second-biggest investment you will make after your home, do you want to trust it to someone who won’t make the investment in the proper tools?  Take a minute to watch our quick video to see a plotter in action:

Meet Our Tint Experts Today

Now that you know the reasons why you want a tint shop that uses a plotter, we invite you to stop by Carbon Car Systems with your vehicle and get to know us. Our team of experts will work with you to find the best solution for your needs. You can also contact us by clicking HERE.