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DR-3 Series

DroneMobile Add-On Module

Model: DR-3300 (3G)

Add DroneMobile to your Compustar remote start and/or security system to control and GPS track your vehicle using your smartphone.

Compatible with iOS and Android devices.

DroneMobile now compatible with Apple iWatch.

Your Car, Connected

The DroneMobile DR-3 Add-On Module only requires one simple connection to your Compustar system to instantly give you the ability to remote start, secure, and track your vehicle using your smartphone. Once connected, whatever features are activated on your Compustar system are now accessible from the DroneMobile app!



Start Your Car

Whether you’re up in a high-rise building, at the mall, or arriving home at the airport, DroneMobile is the perfect solution for remote starting your vehicle from anywhere.

No matter the distance, you’ll be able to perfectly heat up or cool down your vehicle using DroneMobile.

Stay Secure 24/7

Forget to lock your doors? Or are you worried about the safety of your car? DroneMobile gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your car is safe.

Using the DroneMobile app, easily check your door locks, and if a break-in ever does happen, you’ll receive an instant push notification.



Track Your Car

Find your parking spot with a touch of a button using DroneMobile Maps, available when you upgrade your subscription to DroneMobile Premium.

DroneMobile Premium also connects you to the young drivers in your home with customizable notifications for speeding and after-hours driving.

Features Drone

How It Works

DroneMobile adds a cellular connection to your vehicle, allowing you to remote start, secure, and track your vehicle from your smartphone.


The DR-3 remote is compatible with the following Compustar remote start & security systems:

Controller System Type Compatible
FT-7000AS Remote Start + Security
FT-7200S Remote Start
FT-6300A Security
CM700-AS Remote Start + Security
CM800-S Remote Start
CM2300-A Security
CM1300-A Security