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Creating Carbon – The Logo Design

Thought we would share something different today rather then the usual car stuff.

I want to share how we came to get the Carbon logo and why we changed it! Some people may not even know we changed it because the old logo was only in existence for about 6 weeks about 4 years ago BUT it was!!

So here it is in all its glory

Not quite the Carbon we have grown to love. We decided we wanted something better, something that portrayed what we represent to our target audience.


So what do we do??  ……enter AvidWorx

AvidWorx are an industry expert all the way in Vancouver, Canada, that specialises in fixing automotive retail stores and helping them achieve their goals.


The first thing AvidWorx did was assessment on our current image / brand to see if we appealed to our target audience. Wow, where we shocked, our first C- in business and hopefully our last!

You can view the full report card below and see the results:

Report Carbon


 So we set about improving our image and the first thing to change was the logo. After carful deliberation and conversations with AvidWorx and their BrandWorx team, this was the result:

Evolution of Carbon