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Compustar T11 Pro Series Remote 4.8km Range

4.8KM Range, 2-Way
Model: RF-P2WT11-SS

Compustar’s Top of the Line Pro T11 is the latest release 2 Way remote control from Compustar with an amazing 4.8km range, making it the longest range remote control on the market.

The new remote is completely rechargeable through its micro usb port in the top BUT what makes this truly impressive is the fact that it still has an IPX7 water-proof rating and is impact-resistant making it the toughest, most powerful remote on the market.

The 5.5-button remote transmitter not only has a range of up to 4.8km but it also uses an interactive 2-way LCD for alarm alerts and control confirmation even when you cannot see your vehicle!!

Compatible with all Compustar, remote start & security systems.