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Apple CarPlay Update = New Features

Apple CarPlay Update

Apple CarPlay Update Brings New Features

An Apple CarPlay update was amongst some of the new features that surfaced this week with the release of the iOS 10.3 Beta testing.

One of the most notable new software upgrades was the addition of a new side panel to the Apple CarPlay screens. This new features although may seem slight, certainly makes it easier to switch between modes without having to navigate back to the home screen.

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto have become some of the most popular car stereo units to be sold since their release. Units such as the Kenwood DDX9016DABS & Kenwood DDX916WS allow you to operate the native apps & navigation off your phone directly on the new stereos without the hefty price tag of a traditional in dash navigation system.

The benefit of having a unit with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto is that the mapping system will always stay up to date at no cost and you will continue to gain additional features as the phone companies release them. Effectively future proofing your stereo, ensuring you always stay up to date.

Source: CE Outlook