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Alpine’s New IVE-W560A – The Dial Is Back!!

Alpine’s New IVE-W560A – The Dial Is Back!!

Well, sometimes its the little things that make us happy and for me this is one of them. The volume dial…..this new 6.2″ touchscreen dvd player from Alpine has bought us back the rotary volume knob and we couldn’t been happier.

The dial disappeared about 2 years ago from all the Audio Visual units in the Alpine range but this new introduction has seen it reappear, the convenience and feel is awesome and brings the style back inline with the rest of the Alpine head unit range.

This new little unit released today is a fantastic buy and sees a range of top end features backed into a clear WVGA LED screen and it gets better, its capacitive touch!!!

So for the folks that don’t know what this is, its a touch screen that response much like your smartphone using the electrical current in your body rather then a pressure sensitive screen. Benefit = faster and smoother scrolling speeds plus a more accurate.

A nice introduction we see in this unit is the JPEG Slideshow Display allowing users to play images on screen direct from the front mounted USB.

The only let down we have seen is the 2 pre out’s instead of the typical 3 we see on most Alpine screens, but for the price its expected that some features have to be left out to hit the lower price. All in all a great little unit.