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7 Reasons You Need A Thinkware Dash Camera

Thinkware Dash CameraCarbon Car Systems in Blacktown NSW, Australia, is your go-to destination for car and truck accessories in the Sydney area. Recently, several customers have inquired about the Thinkware line of dash cameras that we offer. We thought it would be beneficial to have a closer look at seven reasons why they are such a great investment.

1 – A Second Opinion

Thinkware Dash CameraIn the event you are involved in, or witness to an accident, you can use the information captured by the camera to explain what happened to the police or your insurance company. Your dash cam captures not only video but GPS information, including location and speed, as well as g-force information from the onboard 3-axis G-sensor.

2 – Speed Detection Warnings

Several Thinkware dash cams include GPS for vehicle speed and location tracking, as well as a database with the locations of speed cameras and frequently used manned radar locations. The intelligent system gives you a warning far enough ahead of the location to allow you to slow down safely.

3 – Eyes in Back of Your Head

You can add a second camera to several models of Thinkware dash cams. This second camera can be installed anywhere you want – in the vehicle to record interior activities, or in the rear window to capture what is going on behind your vehicle. More information means more safety.

4 – The Ultimate Co-pilot

Thinkware Dash CameraMany models of Thinkware dash cams provide drivers with additional warnings, thanks to the Road Safety Warning System. This system uses advanced image processing to warn the driver when there is a risk of driving into the vehicle ahead of you, you may be leaving your lane or the vehicle ahead of you drives away.

5 – Promotes Safer Driving

Having a dash cam installed, especially in a company vehicle, can instantly improve the attention and behavior of the driver. Knowing that each and every action, as well as audio, is being recorded can curb reckless driving and road rage.

6 – Capture the Unexpected

Dash cams capture everything, from the sighting of a rare car to a beautiful sunset, a great twisty road or a day at the race track. You can share your driving experiences with your family and friends.

7 – Up all Night

Thinkware dash cams have an automatic parking mode. After being stationary for a few minutes, your dash cam switches to image motion detection mode. It keeps watching and, when someone walks into its field of vision, it records their actions. This information is crucial in the event of vandalism or attempted theft.

Thinkware Dash Camera

If you are interested in a dash cam for your vehicle, drop in at Carbon Car Systems. A member of our sales team would be happy to demonstrate the different features and get you set up with a camera of your own. For more information, contact us here.