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7 Mistakes People Make When Selecting A 12 Volt Specialist Store

Selecting a 12 Volt Store
When it comes to selecting a 12 volt specialist store to work on your vehicle, there are some common mistakes people make. We strive to be the best here at Carbon Car Systems. In that spirit, let’s look at what could happen if you chose the wrong shop.

1. Lack Of Experience

Experience is not something that can be purchased or taught; it comes with time. Our team of expert technicians has been working on cars and trucks for decades. The art of integrating components with modern vehicles is more complex than ever. The last thing you want after a radio or remote starter installation is a warranty problem.

2. Not Enough Training

We regularly attend manufacturer and industry training sessions. We stay up-to-date on the latest product technologies, installation methodologies and product features. This ensures we give you the best performance for your dollar from the moment you enter our store.

3. Price Instead Of Value

Many products are simply commodity items. Where Carbon Car Systems adds value to those products is in our expertise in ensuring you get the correct product for your application. Our prices are fair, but our value is unbeatable.

4. The Wrong Products

Many retailers sell products that are profitable for them, rather than those that offer amazing performance and reliability for their customers. Everything we sell has been tested and vetted in real-world applications. We have worked with the brands we sell for many years. We know their features and applications better than anyone. Our goal is to sell our customers a solution, rather than a product.

5. Improper Tools

Selecting a 12 Volt StoreUsing the right tool for a specific task not only helps to ensure safely but also contributes to the quality of work. We have invested in the right equipment and tools to perform each and every task with accuracy and detail.

6. Poor Customer Service

When you purchase a piece of electronics, be it a radio, dash cam or remote starter, you may have questions about how it works or how to make it do what you want. We strive to ensure that our customers fully understand what they have purchased before they leave the shop. After-sale service is a fundamental part of our philosophy.

7. Out Of Business

The worst thing that could happen to you after spending your hard-earned money on an upgrade for your vehicle is having the shop go out of business. You are left stranded with no support. We have been in business since 2008 and have grown steadily since then. When you need us, we will be here.

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