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6 Great Things You Didn’t Know A Dash Camera Could Do

Great Dash Camera

We love to share product information with clients that come into Carbon Car Systems. We take pride in understanding the features and functions of the products we sell. When it comes to dash cameras, the latest products do a lot more than just record great video. Let’s take a look at some of the lesser known features of dash cams like the Thinkware F750.

Parking Mode

After you stop your vehicle, the dash camera automatically switches to Parking Mode. It continues to watch what is going on, but only records when it detects motion in its field of view. Parking Mode is perfect for recording vandalism or attempted theft.

Speed Enforcement Warnings

Great Dash CameraThe F750 features a database of traffic speed enforcement locations, and thanks to the on-board GPS receiver, will provide you with a warning as you approach one. You can download free database updates from the Thinkware website.

Vehicle Power Monitoring

When the dash camera is operating in Parking Mode, it will continue to draw power from the electrical system. To prevent the camera from draining the battery to the point of not being able to start the vehicle, the camera shuts itself off after detecting the battery is below an adjustable threshold voltage for five minutes. You will never suffer from a dead battery because of the dash cam.

Dual Full HD Cameras

The F750 is available with dual cameras – the main camera built into the body of the unit, and a secondary camera we can install anywhere you want inside the vehicle. Most customers point the second camera out the rear window, but we can also install it so that it records the interior of the automobile.

On-Board Wi-fi

Great Dash CameraUsing the Thinkware Mobile Dash Cam Viewer app, you can connect your smartphone to the F750 via Wi-fi and download and share videos without the need for a computer. You can instantly view and share incident information with authorities or victims.

Dual Save Mode

In the event the onboard G-sensor detects an impact, the F750 will store 10 seconds of information before and 10 seconds after the trigger to the microSD Card and its internal NAND memory. Critical accident information is always available, even if the microSD card is damaged.

Carbon Car Systems is Your Dash Camera Expert

The F750 has several additional and unique features. We invite you to visit us at Carbon Car Systems in Blacktown NSW, Australia to find out more, or contact us here.