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3M Crystalline Automotive Window Films

Window Films

At Carbon Car Systems, we are not only experts in window tinting installation, but also in tinting technology. We have partnered with 3M and feature their complete line of Color Stable and Crystalline Automotive Window Films.

Window tinting is nothing new. For decades, vehicle owners have chosen to tint their windows for two popular reasons: cosmetics and heat rejection. Let’s look at the technology behind Crystalline and why it just might be a necessity for your vehicle.

3M Crystalline Automotive Window Film offers something that few other films can match: amazing heat rejection capabilities without the need for darkness. The engineering innovators at 3M have created an optical film that combines more than 200 layers into a material that is about the thickness of a piece of paper. This is achieved while maintaining industry-leading clarity and a tough, scratch-resistant surface.

Heat Rejection

Window FilmsWe can easily feel the heat of the sun when we are in our vehicles – that is Infrared energy. The sun is also attacking our bodies with UVA and UVB radiation. UV radiation contributes to sunburns and other harmful skin conditions.

The Crystalline film can reject up to 99.9% of UV light and 97% of infrared light, and still allows an astounding 40% of visible light to pass through. All of this from the darkest of Crystalline products – the CR40 film.

At the other end of the spectrum is their CR90, which blocks 99.9% of UV light and 90% of infrared light but allows 86% of visible light through. A film that only blocks 14% of visible light is barely noticeable – even on the darkest roads at night. Compared to conventional films, even from 3M, the darkest of these films only reject 45% of solar energy while allowing a mere 6% of visible light through.

If you want protection without changing the look of your vehicle, Crystalline is your answer. Don’t believe us? The Skin Cancer Foundation specifically recommends transparent automotive window films to protect against harmful UV rays.

Premium Installation

Window FilmsWe take pride in our window tinting services. We use a state-of-the-art computerized plotter to cut our films incredibly accurately. Our work area is clean and dust free, so there will be no surprises between the film and the glass. Finally, and most importantly, our window tinting professional has more than 20 years of hands-on experience. If a vehicle can be tinted, he can do it.


We are the window tinting experts in the Sydney area, and we confidently stand behind our work. We offer a complete lifetime labour guarantee on our tinting services and 3M backs Crystalline with a nationwide lifetime warranty.

3M is a world leader in window film technology. The film will not turn purple, shrink or peel. Crystalline is non-metallized, so it will not affect cellular or GPS reception. Crystalline does more than protect you and keep you comfortable; it eases the load on your vehicle’s air conditioning system. This directly translates into fuel savings.

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If you are looking for the best, most technologically advanced window film on the market, we invite you to visit us at Carbon Car Systems. We can demonstrate different film options in our interactive showroom, and explain the costs involved in giving you and your vehicle the ultimate in protection. For more information, contact us here.